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Featured on DeSoto County Economic Development Office!

Featured on DeSoto County Economic Development Office!

Daniel Sutphin from DeSoto County Economic Development & Tourism recently chatted with us!

Jungle Doria's Wildlife Park, in partnership with Peace River Charters, has expanded its offerings to include an exciting array of new animals and exhibits. Co-owners Krystalynn and Clay Doria, with extensive experience from reputable zoos, aim to share their passion for wildlife with the community. The park features diverse species like Oliver the sloth, lemurs, emus, snakes, and more, alongside longtime resident Dale, a 1,200-pound alligator. Capt. Zac Varner of Peace River Charters expressed enthusiasm for the partnership and the positive community response to the new wildlife attraction. For those eager to experience the adventure, visit the park's main office or explore online for more information.

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